Our team of seven have over a century of experience delivering to the UK MOD and defence industry.

We offer a wide range of platform survivability/lethality assessments through all stages of a design from concept to mature design as well as in-service support.

Our assessments provide detailed technical advice on optimisation of structural defintion, system layout, vulnerability reduction technologies and lethality.
Software Services
SCL has developed Purple Fire an advanced vulnerability and lethality tool, to facilitate rapid assessments of surface and underwater platforms against a full range of threats.

SCL has extensive experience developing fast-running engineering damage algorithms to enhance assessments and capture the emergening threat landscape.
Advanced Methodologies
SCL also offers advanced survivability assessment techiniques including complex magazine reaction assessments, residual strength post damage, probabilistic escape and evacuation analysis, and threat characterisation.

We can also support requirements and policy development and have significant experience in crafting platform combat safety documentation.


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